Ginkgo CADx

Ginkgo CADx is an advanced DICOM viewer and dicomizer (converts png, jpeg, bmp, pdf, tiff to DICOM).



Download version 3.7.1

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Ginkgo CADx is continued in development in:

Open Core


Ginkgo CADx is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).


Ginkgo CADx environment wraps many projects providing useful technologies and some other interesting features:

  • WxWidgets: MultiPlatform Graphical User Interface (GUI).

  • VTK: Kitware's Visualization ToolKit.

  • ITK: Kitware's Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit.

  • DCMTK: Offis' DICOM ToolKit.

  • OpenSSL: Open Source SSL/TLS Framework .

  • SQLite: The in-process SQL DataBase Engine.


1) Is C-GET operation allowed?

Yes, although some PACS Servers does not support it.

2) Is WADO retrieve operation allowed?

Not by now, but we plan to implement it soon.

3) What about verbose mode to get more info on internal operations/status?

Although is work in progress, you can open Tools => Log Monitor (Or Alt+R) and set log level to DEBUG or TRACE. You have not need to restart Ginkgo CADx.

Verbose info is shown as list in the first tab and as full multi-lined text in the second one just in the moment you switch the combo.

4) I get "no results" or weird results querying studies/series from PACS Server

A user told us about this issue. The problem is that not all PACS server implements some of following features:

  • Date ranges (ex: in study and series date records)
  • Keywords (*) in some/any fields (ex: in modality record)
  • Mulivalued fields (ex: in modality record)

So please, try to disable restrictions and try again. For example, if you want to disable "*" Keywords, you can try this trick:

  • Select Modality "..." button.
  • UnCheck "All(*)"
  • Close and search again.

If you want to inspect DICOM query dataset as well as server responses, you can set trace level, as shown in previous question.

5) I get "no results" retrieving studies/series from PACS Server

Firstly, is important to note you that C-GET SCU/SCP is not fully supported on some PACS servers, so C-MOVE is the only way to retrieve studies from these stations.

In the other hand, the following issue is common in PACS' setup for DICOM C-MOVE operations:

All DICOM stations must be registered in PACS Server in order to do "basic auth" as well as provide the parameters (AET, IP, port) to retrieve studies/series/images. These parameters are configured in server and the server uses despite on the parameters the client send (Dest AET).

So, if you set up a entry in PACS Server like:

  • IP: hostcli
  • Port: 11112

And you set up Ginkgo CADx with previous configuration ( in: Ginkgo -> Preferences -> PACS Servers), you must ensure that IP/Host and Port is the same as expected, so if you don't, PACS Server will try to send results to "hostcli", and you will get no results.

Example (wrong) configuration:

  • Server, runing at with AET=PACSERVER, Port: 104 (With location entry: AET=Ginkgo, IP=, Port=11112, Method=MOVE)
  • Ginkgo CADx, runing at with AET=GINKGO, Port: 11113 (With server entry: AET=PACSERVER, IP=, Port=1104, Method=MOVE)

will fail to do transfers from Ginkgo CADx, so location entry "IP" and "port" are wrong at PACS Server configuration, and the server will try to send studies to


C-MOVE is a complex operation. It consists on telling a server to transfer DICOM studies/series/images from one AET to another. The "calling" AET does not need to be the receiving one, so you can: From A, tell B to transfer anything to C. So B "querys" its entry table to "know" where is C (IP, Port)

Studies in the reverse direction C-MOVE from Ginkgo to PACS Server are right in previous configuration, but is not supported by us for now (Ginkgo CADx still does not work completely as DICOM station).

The only way (for now) to transfer studies from Ginkgo to PACS Server is to use the C-STORE operation from Ginkgo CADx. To do this, just open the study you want to transfer and select the menu option: "Send to PACS".

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