Ginkgo CADx Pro

Ginkgo CADx Pro is an advanced DICOM viewer and dicomizer (converts png, jpeg, bmp, pdf, tiff to DICOM).

Ginkgo CADx Pro includes official support and advanced features for professional environments, as MPR, OPR, series fusion, DICOM Worklists, video dicomization, advanced hanging protocols support, documentation, etc...

Main features


Approved for diagnostic use

Ginkgo CADx Pro satisfies the requirements of the 93/42/CEE European directive related to medical devices and has been successfully certified by SGS (notified body number 0120), obtaining the CE labelling for class IIa. Ginkgo CADx Pro can be used for diagnostic use in the European Union.


MPR/OPR/MIP, Fusion, Hanging protocols

Ginkgo CADx Pro is designed for professionals, so it provides advanced diagnosis tools as volume reorientation (OPR, MPR and MIP) to obtain Axial, Sagittal and Coronal oriented slices and advanced protocols


Acquire, edit and view DICOM video

Ginkgo CADx Pro is able to communicate with any standard video device (Endoscopes, colposcopes, bronchoscopes, Operating room cameras, intraoral cameras...) of any provider (GE™, Philips™, Siemens™, Topcon™, Olympus™, Stryker™, Zeiss™, Nikon™, Canon™, Alcon™, Leica™...).


Record disc with DICOM studies

Ginkgo CADx Pro makes easy the task of interchange DICOM studies. Write comfortably you studies handing it in a CD/DVD/BluRay or USB Memory stick disc which incorporates Ginkgo CADx viewer.


DICOM Worklist compatible

Ginkgo CADx Pro is able to consume entries from worklists (MWL and MPPS) working as any other modality.


Easily integrable in any environment

Ginkgo CADx Pro integrates easily into your environment. Ginkgo CADx Pro registers its own url scheme (ginkgocadx://), it also process special files (*.gkxml). These mechanisms allows to manage the program from other applications (EHR, RIS...)


Share studies for scientific purposes

Ginkgo Cloud is a virtual space in the cloud that allows ginkgo pro users to share DICOM studies. Thanks to an easy wizard it's possible to send, anonymize and share studies for non-diagnostic scientific purposes.


Write reports

Ginkgo CADx Pro has a wizard to write reports using a template in ODT, ODS, DOC and XLS format thanks to LibreOffice.


Print studies in DICOM printers

With Ginkgo CADx Pro you can print studies in gray scale in any standard DICOM printer and set common parameters as the number of slices per page, size, orientation and medium.


Scanned images dicomization

The process of dicomization of a scanned image is very easy. Just a button press and the whole process is made. When done, you can rotate or select the scanning quality.


Gestione sus estaciones

Ginkgo CADx Manager (free if you buy more than 5 licenses) allow you to manage all your Ginkgo CADx workstations installed across your organization. The station deploy processes is dramatically speeded up.


Automatized diagnosis

Ginkgo CADx Pro is the ideal platform where to build computer aided diagnosis algorithms.

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Thanks for your excellent work! Linux world was waiting for a viable solution in medical imaging!.

Roberto Barcelos. Radiologist.
Universidade Federal de Goiás.

Open Core


Ginkgo CADx is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).